Notes on Prospects for Electroweakino Discovery at a 100 TeV Hadron Collider

Date: 2015-05-17

Link to paper on arXiv

The authors argue that electroweakino searches will be an important avenue for investigation at the 100 TeV FCC. Of course, finding electroweakinos would be a victory for SUSY, and would also find the neutralino dark matter candidate. Although gluino production rates will usually be higher than electroweakino production rates, making gluino searches better for SUSY, electroweakino searches are important for dark matter investigation as well as precision electroweak physics. One of the unique features of this paper is that they take advantage of the high energy of the FCC to apply the Goldstone equivalence theorem, which simplifies the branching ratios involving the HIggsinos considerably. Low2014 has a common author with this paper. The electroweakino paper does say that direct searches like in Low2014 would be the most model-independent way to look for dark matter, but they would not be as sensitive to thermal Higgsino dark matter. This paper focuses on multi-lepton searches, which they claim will be better for finding Higgsino dark matter. They list four channels for the multi-lepton search:

  1. Three leptons
  2. OSDL (Opposite-sign dilepton)
  3. SSDL (Same-sign dilepton)
  4. Four leptons: They neglect this channel due to its low production cross-section

Feynman diagrams for the processes considered (PDF)

They consider the following possibilities for the identities of the NLSP and LSP.