I am a postdoctoral researcher jointly affiliated with the School of Information and the Department of Computer Science at the University of Arizona. I’m interested in the intersection of physics and machine learning.

Curriculum Vitae

email: adarsh@email.arizona.edu


Broadly speaking, I am interested in machine learning and artificial intelligence. In particular, I am interested in Bayesian generative approaches to inference problems.

Current research

I am currently working on the automated assembly of executable causal models for complex systems from textual evidence, as part of DARPA’s Big Mechanism and World Modelers programs.

I am a co-PI on the AutoMATES project and the primary developer of Delphi, a framework to automatically assemble causal, probabilistic model from machine reading of textual evidence and formal analysis of source code structure.

Previous Work


Some of the courses I have taught in the past:

I also write about physics, programming, productivity and other random stuff sometimes. You can find my previous posts here.