General Tips

PROOFREAD! (Or get a friend and proofread each other’s reports - this is better.) I recommend going to the Writing Center if English is not your first language and having them proofread your report.

LaTeX Resources

\(\LaTeX\) is a typesetting language that is widely used to typeset mathematical and scientific papers. You should learn to use it too. Unfortunately, installing it is a pain. Fortunately, you don’t have to, if you don’t want to - there are a couple of websites that do back-end LaTeX processing and display the result in your browser itself. I recommend ShareLaTeX or Overleaf.

To ease the process somewhat, I’ve uploaded a sample report (one that I did when I was taking your equivalent of Physics 382) along with its LaTeX source here. You will need to download the .jpg image files as well if you want to compile the document.